GearLocator.com will provide maps, directions and names of the nearest stores that carries the shoes, clothing or equipment you are looking to buy.

• GearLocator will promote and facilitate site-building tools for individual, non-chain - "bricks and mortar" sporting goods stores.

• GearLocator will serve as a marketing platform for MomsTeam.com and the advertisers and sponsors of both that site and Gear Locator.com

• GearLocator will provide consumers detailed information on individual sports, photos, illustrations and/or checklists to guide parents through the process of purchasing the equipment and apparel needed to participate in each sport or activity.

•A unique one-to-one communications infrastructure will enable us, on behalf of our partners, to provide and activate permission-based direct marketing programs to targeted demographic profiles at the grass roots community level and to mine data needed by our sponsors, including:

  • Consumer behavior tracking
  • Online lead generation techniques
  • Consumer Alerts and Announcements
  • Coupons
  • Equipment Purchasing Tips
  • Reminders--Equipment requirements (including a comprehensive listing of "moms tested" and recommended shoes, clothing and equipment available for purchase on-line through a MomsTeam.com affiliate or at a bricks and mortar retailer identified through GearLocator.com)

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GearLocator.com will provide maps, directions and names of the nearest stores that carry the shoes; clothing or equipment a consumer is looking to buy.

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Submit Your Data

For submission rate schedule and packages contact: gearlocatorsales@MomsTeam.com

Data base retrieval for stores by:

Location - Zip Code (e.g. Consumer's zip code)
Brand name (e.g., Reebok)
Sport specific (e.g., Running)
Product name (e.g., Reebok DMX Running Shoes)

Contact Us

Mail GearLocator.com C/o MomsTeam.com, Inc.
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For General Information: r.lambert@MomsTeam.com
Sales: GearLocator@MomsTeam.com
For Media Questions: b.carpenterGL@MomsTeam.com


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