About Us

GearLocator is a New Media Company that utilizes the web to directly market our sponsors' products and services primarily to the 35 million mothers and families who have children 5-18 in youth sports, educating, introducing and directing them to the products and gear that their child/children requires to participate in a particular sport. Through the use of practical tools and information from a team of experts, professionals, and sports equipment manufacturers, mothers will become more efficient and competent in buying sports equipment and apparel for their entire family. GearLocator will also become the destination for the general sports equipment-purchasing population.

Our one-to-one communications infrastructure enables us, on behalf of our sponsors to provide and activate permission-based direct marketing programs to this highly targeted demographic profile.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the number one destination on the Internet for mothers of kids playing sports who need information on what, where and how to buy certain sports equipment and apparel for the entire family at "bricks and mortar" stores throughout North America. We aim to become a consumers trusted advisor and comprehensive resource center on youth sports equipment and apparel needs and to provide moms the information and tools they need to feel confident and competent in purchasing their families sports products.

How We Started

This site grew out of a demand from parents looking for maps and directions to stores across the country that carry specific sports equipment and apparel and/or for advice on how to outfit a young athlete or themselves for a particular sport. E-mail directed to the editors of our parent site, MomsTeam; the place for moms with kids in youth sports, arrive daily. They ask such questions as, "Can my son use his football shoes to play lacrosse?" or-"Where can I buy maroon football pants for my 10 year old"? or "Where can I buy the bike helmet that you talked about on my local news?"

GearLocator was founded by Brooke deLench, Founder/CEO of MomsTeam.com, in the belief that if parents had a single source on the Internet to obtain all the information they needed to equip their youth athlete (and themselves), it would make their sports experience safer, more enjoyable and less stressful, and, hopefully, result in greater participation in athletic activities.

DeLench has spent over thirty years in the youth sports "trenches," first as an athlete and later as a coach and mother of 18 year-old triplet sons, who have played a wide variety of team and individual sports.

Working with a team of writers, veteran youth sports parents, experts, professionals, sponsors and advisors, deLench founded MomsTeam.com in August 2000 to provide practical information and advice to the estimated 35 million mothers with children in sports on an extensive list of topics: from youth sports nutrition, youth sports health and safety to a complete buying guide for sports equipment and apparel for every type of sport.

MomsTeam and GearLocator are headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts.

Our Values

In an age when parents are spending the majority of their non-working hours involved in their children's sports activities, GearLocator, like its parent site, MomsTeam, will advocate a safer, saner, less stressful, youth sports experience for the entire family. By taking the guesswork out of time consuming questions of what to and where to buy sports equipment, GearLocator will save parents valuable time and money.

The GearLocator Community

GearLocator and MomsTeam.com are all about community. We will be here for families from the first swim lesson, bike ride, camping trip and pre-season practice to the day twelve or thirteen years later when your child walks off the field after his last high school game, and every step in between! We will offer practical advice from a team of veteran parents, professionals and sponsors, giving you a place to find answers to tough questions about where to find the appropriate and necessary gear for all sports.

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